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transparent, sustainable, innovative

On this website we will inform you in a transparent manner on our trailers. With the Trailer Configurator you have a choice of nearly 1,000 basic models and over 800 options. Because of the user-friendly system you can make an offer in just a few minutes. Would you prefer us to assemble the offer for you? We will be happy to do that! Please leave your details and you will receive the required quotation by email. On a personal level, we also communicate in a direct, open and honest manner. Through short lines of communication, we can act quickly and decide whenever necessary.

We strive for lasting relationships and sustainable trailers. We would therefore like to meet you in person after your visit to our website. We also aim for a long service life of our trailers. Our trailers are therefore extra robust by default. We furthermore offer the possibility to thermally galvanize the chassis so that corrosion does not stand a chance.

For 34 years Tracon Ecocombi has been the brand that is known for developing innovative transport solutions. The LHV Combitrain is a good example. A unique LHV solution to be able to transport 60% more volume. 

We sincerely invite you to browse our website and we would like to meet you afterwards!