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About Tracon

Today- Tracon Ecocombi is the first in Europe to introduce a comprehensive Trailer Configurator on its website. In this configurator the standard trailers and LHV vehicles are collectively presented. The Trailer Configurator offers the possibility to make a customized offer in minutes. There is a choice of almost 1,000 basic models and over 800 options, so that we can meet nearly every requirement. Tracon uses highly modern production facilities where the use of robots is deployed as much as possible. Tracon is therefore able to deliver extensively according to customer requirements. Custom made for a standard price!

Tracon Ecocombi strives for personal, open, honest and lasting relationships. We will gladly inform you via this website on all product possibilities, but it does not end there. It is precisely the personal contact with our clients and prospects, which we greatly appreciate. Therefore we would also like to get in touch with you personally.

A large part of our sales takes place through dealers in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. If you too want to become a dealer, we would like to make an appointment with you to meet and to discuss the possibilities. For the right dealers there are opportunities in the Netherlands as well as abroad. 

2009- Tracon Ecocombi introduces the LHV Combitrain. A trailer with a slidable axle system, which is both deployable as an individual trailer and as an LHV semi (in-between) trailer..

2005- Tracon Trailers develops a range of standard trailers with curtain side and storage unit structure. The sale of these trailers takes place directly to the customer or through dealers in the Netherlands or through dealers abroad. An additional advantage is that the name Tracon is getting more visible on the road. In addition to these trailers Tracon remains supplier of the coachwork builders.

2002- Expansion towards Scandinavia. For some large dealers open heavy duty trailers are custom designed and manufactured. Furthermore, in 2001 we have started with the first development of LHV vehicles such as Bi-trains and dollies for Sweden.

2000- Dercks from Wijchen is taken over and eventually merged with Tracon Trailers in Uden. Many chassis are supplied to the coachwork builders. These coachwork builders provide the structure and deliver the complete trailers under their own private label to the end users.

1978- Tracon starts as a metal construction company in Heesch. In the late '80s, the company specialises in the development and production of customised chassis and swap bodies.