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Three steered curtainsiders for Wesseling

Together with Volvo Group Truck Center Rijnsburg Tracon Trailers has three steered curtainsiders delivered to Wesseling Logistics in Sassenheim. Two of these are equipped with 2 axles and one trailer with one steered axle. The choice of Tracon is made ​​due to the solidity and thus longevity. The trailers are equipped with a heavy duty stainless steel rear frame and a side door. It is necessary when unloading because they don't have always open the rear tailgate. This saves time and money.

Vos Transport from Deventer receives the first Tracon LHV Combitrain.

Vos Transport from Deventer has put the first two Tracon LHV Combination Combitrains into use. The Combitrains are pulled by Scania Euro 6 road tractors so that the whole forms a sustainable and efficient combination. Entirely in line with the Vos strategy, because they were one of the first companies to receive the Lean and Green Award in 2010. The LHV refers to a short Combitrain with an extendible axle bogie of 8.10 metre long to which any standard 13.60-trailer, no matter which brand, can be coupled. When the Combitrain is driven with a retracted axle bogie a short trailer is created, making the combination a comprehensive alternative to the closed box truck. A Dhollandia tuck-away lift is mounted on the Combitrain, so that it is widely employable. Vos Transport is going to conduct trial runs with these first two Combitrains on fixed routes. If the trial is successful, more Combitrains will be deployed. Vos already has an option for another 8 Combitrains from Tracon.

Range with LHV for DB Schenker

Tracon Ecocombi has delivered a range of trailers to DB Schenker in Tilburg. A part of these vehicles are LHVs. The scoop of the first galvanized Combitrain is also one of them. This is a short Combitrain with an 8 metre trailer with a Dhollandia tuck-away lift. In this configuration, it is a true competitor to the closed box truck! The solidity and corrosion resistance are characteristic for the trailers which have been delivered. Heavy duty stainless steel rear frames and a heavy rub rail on the inside of 40 cm high and 5 mm thick, of course galvanized as well. And, as you would expect from Tracon, a solid welded chassis. Everything is focused on the service life of our trailers!

Range for Van Uden

Tracon Trailers supplied a range of 13 semi-trailers to Van Uden, Nederasselt branch. All with plywood panels, roller door and hot-dip galvanized chassis. Entirely designed for a long service life.

LHV Combitrain Middelkoop

To D.J. Middelkoop is the first of two LHVs which were delivered. The combination consists of a short 8,100 mm Combitrain with a slidable axle bogie, with behind it a steered 13,600 mm-trailer. Both with a Tracon heavy duty Plywood construction, complete with through-loading facility. The tail lift of this short Combitrain is special. In this configuration, it is a true competitor to the closed box truck!

Curtain side trailer for Gerrits Transport

Recently, Gerrits Transport Winssen received a triple-axle-steered curtain side trailer.

Range of 18 LHV-trailers for Stamhuis

For the Stamhuis Group we supplied a range of eighteen LHV trailers according to the city-city concept. Stamhuis specialises in building complete retail formulas. When modifying or building a shop, speed is of great importance. Stamhuis opted for city-city combinations with through-loading doors. With this combination it is possible to load or unload over the entire length of the LHV without uncoupling. The individual city-trailers are very flexible to use and can therefore be used in the smallest inner city. As a result of this broad deployment, the logistics process is greatly simplified.

LHV-curtain side trailer for Middelkoop Nieuw-Vennep

For Middelkoop in Nieuw-Vennep we supplied a new curtain side trailer. The special thing about this trailer is the combination of a tuck-away lift and a towing jaw buck for LHV use. A central-axle semi-trailer can be coupled behind this trailer. From Middelkoop, we have now assumed the order of a range of LHVs, consisting of combitrains with semi-trailers.

LHVs for Van den Heuvel from Uden

Van den Heuvel from Uden we were able to supply two LHV combitrains with heavy duty box versions. These started driving in city-city combination. Under the combitrain a Dhollandia tuck-away lift is mounted with a 1800 mm platform. The boxes are equipped with a 5 mm thick fender of 400 mm high. The boxes are galvanized and made out of one length.

New closed boxes trucks and central-axle semi-trailers for E. van Wijk

For E. van Wijk from Giessen we were able to supply a range of closed box trucks and central-axle semi-trailers with curtain side structure. Through our close collaboration with Duijster Bodywork, we can now offer our customers a complete combination, including closed box truck structure. For E. van Wijk meanwhile orders have also been placed for new trailers.

Range of LHVs for Nabuurs/Opzeeland

For Opzeeland from Hedel we were able to supply a range of LHVs in heavy duty box-version. The LHV combinations consist of a two-axle combitrain and a two-axle city trailer. The combitrain is equipped with a Dhollandia tuck-away lift with an 1800 mm platform. The structure is equipped with a welded-on fender of 400 mm high (this is galvanized and in one piece).

Range of trailers for Verploegen

For our established relationship Verploegen from Niftrik we have again supplied a range of six units of heavy duty curtain side trailers. Features of these trailers are the finished axles, wheels and the support legs.

Range of trailers for Speedliner

For Speedliner in Oisterwijk we supplied a range of nine trailers: partly with steered axles, partly with rigid axles. Some are equipped with a truck-mounted forklift jack.

Timtrans has been choosing for Tracon quality for years!

Timtrans already has many ranges of Tracon on the road. Indeed a satisfied customer. Timtrans opts for the heavy duty-quality. The choice of materials (UNP160 and IPE100) indicates that these trailers are made for years of heavy and intensive use. This year we were able to deliver another eight of them.

Veens is going to drive Tracons

Veens from Herveld is going to hit the road with Tracons.

Opzeeland chooses Tracons

Jan Opzeeland from Heeswijk in Brabant has taken a range of Tracon curtain side trailers and a plywood trailer into service.

Range for Van Lankveld

Van Lankveld has also been choosing for the quality of Tracon Trailers for years. This year we have again delivered a range of beautiful curtain side trailers.

Dollies for Van den Heuvel in Uden

A range of multiple dollies for Van den Heuvel from Uden in very low version.

First in a range of Combitrains for Ruttchen/Mandemakers

For Mandemakers we built a range of combitrains in city-version, 10.50 metre long, so that behind it another combitrain can be taken along or a regular city trailer. The Combitrains are equipped with a slider lift. The last axle is a trailing axle. Carbouw, the body shop of Ruttchen, looked after the structure in snap lock design.

A range of Dollies for Van den Heuvel from Uden

Container Combitrain for Hertoghs

Multifunctional chassis for use in the LHV configuration with a 20" container in front. Can also be used stand alone for 1x 40", 2x 20", 1x 20", or 1x 30".

New trailers for Beentjes in Haarlem and Heerhugowaard

Leo de Bruijn

Leo de Bruijn has been a loyal Tracon driver for years. Like many fellow carriers here too they have come to realize that Ecocombi is the best means to reduce the cost per kilometre. Leo de Bruijn uses low dollies for these two LHVs combinations, and behind these, coolers with two steered axles. The new Ecocombis will be used to supply supermarket chains.


CO2 emission appears to be beneficial for the growth of flowers and plants. Yet Geranco consciously chooses for its own wallet. Because of the huge popularity of the LHV concept among the flowers and plants drivers it seems as if LHV was invented for the flower and plant industry. The more carts can be transported at once, the better the return. Because of the low weight of the chrysanthemums and roses, Geranco opted for a Ecocombi single axle dolly. The unique construction of the Ecocombi dollies makes these particularly suitable for use in combination with steered trailers. This Ecocombi is not only fuel efficient, but tire wear is also limited to a minimum. Nice going, those Geranco men!

Hatro Trans

Hatro Trans in Ochten is a very satisfied customer of Ecocombi. They now have five dollies on the road. Hatro particularly uses the LHVs for his client Van Uden.


Perhaps the best known LHVs on the Dutch roads! Plieger was there in 2004 as one of the first to drive an LHV. Plieger has chosen the concept with two central-axle semi-trailers behind a closed box truck. This makes it possible to take three swap bodies along. We now have been able to deliver three such combinations through Hartog Est.

Driving school Kees van Iersel

You need the best equipment in order to learn it. Of course Kees van Iersel, like many other driving schools, has chosen an Ecocombi.

Scandinavian dolly

Scandinavian dolly with turntable under the fifth wheel coupling.


Vlug Transport

Vlug Transport drives among others a central axle trailer combination.

Houweling Transport

Houweling Transport drives with the central-axle-central-axle-concept.

Maters in Huissen

Maters in Huissen has opted for a single axle dolly because of the low load of the trailer.


Combitrain for Dasko with cooling body of Heiwo


Several Combitrains in plywood version for Versteijnen

Wheel set for Australia

Wheel set for Australia is used for the transport of fairground attractions.


Steered curtain side trailer for Beutech


Range of curtain side trailer for Beentjes


Range of central-axle trailers for Burgers


Three-axle Combitrain for Huybregts with cooling body.


Plywood trailer with side door for Geerlings


The first Heavy Duty Ferry trailer for Estron

Combitrain for Ireland

A curtain side Combitrain for Ireland, the firs LHV in that country!

Pieter Smit

Special MEGA combitrains for Pieter Smit, so that the concerts can be moved even faster. Youtube:


Mounted forklift trailer for Technowand


A lot of Curry can now be transported by Hela

Brabant Intermodal

60 units of Container chassis delivered to Brabant Intermodal

Kreeft education

DEKA Supermarkets


AST Stuulen

Van de Berg Hoofddorp

KLG Europe

AMIX Hardenberg

Rengers Transport

Travhydro Steigers

Bros. Bekkers. Transport

This vehicle is adapted for the transport of a heavy Moffett M4. For this, the front axle is fitted with an axle lift, so that enough axle pressure remains on the rear axle, if one runs empty with only the Moffett at the back. The Tridec steered rear axle ensures that one can load and unload at basically each address. Tracon Trailers thanks the Bekkers Bros. for the trust placed in us.

Paashuis Commercial Vehicles Ltd.

Rebro Transport Service

The current LHV legislation is ideal for the domestic transport of waste containers and swap bodies. Carry 50% more cargo on each ride? Doesn't everybody want that! Rebro from Sprundel is the first subcontractor at the client DPD who started this. Rebro drives more than 1,000 kilometers daily between the hub of the German Package Service in Best and Rotterdam. Tracon Trailers has designed a dolly trailer concept to be able to take three swap bodies instead of two. The beauty is that the costs of fuel, driver and depreciation of the truck barely increase. Mr. Rens expects to be putting some more of these Ecocombis on the road soon. Thanks to Rebro, our environment is a little cleaner again, the traffic jam a bit shorter and the cost per transported ton per kilometre a whole lot lower.

Arne Thorsen Spedisjon A/S

Van Den Heuvel Logistics

Beentjes Transport Company Ltd.

Van der Werf Logistics

Bros. Bekkers. Transport

Tracon Trailers produces a number of models of permanent "Heavy Duty" container chassis in series. Our newest show piece is the two-axle gooseneck chassis. As of this year these vehicles are going to be in service in large numbers at the various inland waterway shipping terminals in the Netherlands. For this use a firm "No-Nonsense" trailer is important.

Versteijnen Bros. Transport

Bros. Bekkers. Transport from Tilburg (GVT) has in recent years become one of the leading logistics providers in the south of the country. The special feature is that the dolly is equipped with its own shunting drive, so that the driver can manually couple the trailer on first and then the dolly. This will prevent that the driver is engaged for too long in order to get the coupled dolly under the semi-trailer. After all, the single axle dolly is invisible in the driver's mirrors.

De Roos Transport

De Roos Transport in Deventer has recently become the proud owner of a number of new Tracon heavy duty steel trailers. The chassis of these customized vehicles were entirely immersed in the zinc bath. De Roos, a company of the old school, chooses with these vehicles for quality. This year eight of these indestructible vehicles will be delivered to De Roos by Tracon Trailers.

KLG Europe

Kuijken Logistics Group from Eersel was one of the first major transporters who started to drive a Tracon curtain side trailer as a trial at the end of 2005. This first trailer passed the test with flying colours. By now seven trailers, 40 "Double Stock" box cars and a large number of curtain side trailers are on the road. All in heavy-duty version and with sustainable galvanized or metal sprayed chassis.

Moeijes International Transport

Moeijes from Zwaag, one of the leading companies in the field of refrigeration transport, put the first Tracon LHV combi in operation. This concerns a FRC combination with an interior height of 2900 mm! The revolutionary Michelin 255/60R19'5” tires make the use of disc braked 19'5"axles possible. Normally such an interior would only be possible with 17'5"axles, for which no disc brakes are available. To facilitate road conduct and to reduce tire wear, Moeijes opted for trailing axle steered three-axle trailers. These trailers are used in conjunction with very low dollies with a coupling height of 910 mm. Moeijes International Transport own a very unique LHV combination, which is not common in the transportation industry.

Verhoek Europe

Flashlight Rental

Timtrans Schijndel

Tipper trucks

Tracon Trailers has started the development of tipper trailers. This concerns a trailer with a steel chassis and an aluminium 30 m³ container. The net weight of this vehicle in this "long, low Scandinavia version" is approximately 6150 kilograms. With this affordable tipper, Tracon Trailers is going to compete with the suppliers of complete aluminium tippers in Scandinavia. A tipper with aluminium container in the shorter 27 m³ Dutch version will weigh about 5500 kilograms. Additionally Tracon Trailers also provides models with steel or Hardox containers.