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Together we are strong!

“A good product sells itself’’ saying people sometimers, but the support after the sales is definitely also important. Which is why we have teamed beaten with many local Volvo Truck dealers. Together we share the philosophy of sustainable combinations and longevity. Before pu... Read more »

Transport Complete 2014

On Transport Complete from Tuesday 2 to Thursday 4 September in Evenemeten Hal in Gorinchem (Netherlands) is Tracon Trailers represented by the Volvo Truck dealers Van Dijk Group, Bluekens Truck and Bus and Volvo Group Truck Center. On the outdoor terrain are two new Tracon trailers. Inside you can... Read more »

Elegant Tracon combination for Rossenaar in Edam

This week Rossenaar in Edam took delivery of his complete LHV combination. It concerns a semi-trailer/tilt cart combination. This robust combination is equipped with through loading doors, heavy duty on ramp, a special under folding tailgate which can be set in a second, higher level to facilitate c... Read more »

DAKAR SPEED on Pre-Prologue day

On Sunday, November 10th, the DAKAR SPEED team with driver Maurik van den Heuvel performed superbly at the DAKAR Pre Prologue day in Valkenswaard: 6th place! Just behind the two factory teams of Veka and De Rooij. That's promising for the real DAKAR! We wish the DAKAR SPEED team a good trip to Sout... Read more »

Five LHV Combitrains for van den Broek Logistics in Helmond

LHV plays an increasingly important role in the Netherlands. The innovative Combitrains with their extendible axle system especially have an important position. The Combitrains can be deployed flexibly within an existing fleet, and when fully deployed, have a short payback period. Van den Broek Logi... Read more »

European first: online TRAILER CONFIGURATOR

European first: online TRAILER CONFIGURATOR with prices Because of to the strong rise of the Internet in the last two decades, the buying process has dramatically changed. More and more people inform themselves online before making purchases, and the trailer industry can no longer avoid it. That mo... Read more »

Fast delivery: only 6 weeks

Are you in a hurry? Standard curtain side trailers with a delivery time of only 6 weeks! Tracon is now able to deliver standard rigid slide curtain trailers within 6 weeks. The Baseline trailer with coupling height 1.15 metre. By producing semi-finished products in stock, these can be delivered qui... Read more »

Tracon Ecocombi and DAKAR

Dakar speed ​​Van den Heuvel is ready to go! Late September, Van den Heuvel attended the Race Demo Day organised by the KMEG in Giessen with his Dakar truck. Van den Heuvel, together with the Dakar trucks of Veka and Van den Bosch, gave demonstrations. We can look back on a splendid day, also b... Read more »

LHV in Belgium is another step closer!

The transport company in Belgium are already making preparations. They want to be ready when the time comes. But what is the current situation? The federal government has already clearly formulated the framework which towed and towing equipmentas well as the drivers must comply with. After examining... Read more »

Deployed: Trailer with Joloda for Van Uden / Remia

Today Van Uden has deployed a special trailer with a Joloda automatic loading and unloading system. The trailer is used for transporting sauces from the Remia factory in Den Dolder to the warehouse of Van Uden in Soesterberg. The loading and unloading system of Joloda is compatible with the existing... Read more »

Vos Transport in Deventer takes delivery of the first Tracon LHV Combitrain

Vos Transport in Deventer has deployed its first Tracon LHV Combitrain. The second is also ready to be delivered. The Combitrains are pulled by Scania Euro 6 tractors so that the whole unit is a sustainable and efficient combination. This is fully in line with the Vos strategy, which in 2010, as one... Read more »

Thermal galvanisation for longevity

For a small additional charge, it is possible to thermally galvanise a Tracon. After the manufacturing of the chassis, it is immersed in a bath of zinc at 440 degrees. This assures that zinc also covers hard to reach places. The zinc then alloys with the steel, which creates a corrosion-resistance f... Read more »

A FIRST: Tracon Ecocombi for D.J. Middelkoop

The growing list of LHV versions has gained an interesting variation. D.J. Middelkoop and Son Ltd. from Nieuw-Vennen had Tracon Trailers build an Ecocombi combination consisting of a tractor, a smaller-than-city-trailer and a 13.60 metres trailer. With tailgates as well as through-loading system. A ... Read more »

Tracon Ecocombi supplies series of 18 LHVs

Will you be visiting the Body Work Trade Fair in Gorinchem? We would like to meet you there to discuss the possibilities of our trailers. We will be showing 1 of the 18 LHVs that we are building for Stamhuis Retail Services Ltd. in Gorinchem, on the external exhibition area.  Stamhuis is resp... Read more »


Combitrain with sliding axle system now in the MEGA CURTAIN SIDE version! Since the beginning of 2012 we have expanded our range of Combitrains with the MEGA CURTAIN SIDE COMBITRAIN. This is the ideal solution for the transporter who wishes to drive a Mega curtain side trailer in LHV configuration.... Read more »

LHV for Dasko / AH

UTILISING SPACE!! The transportation sector in the Netherlands bitterly complains about high diesel prices, low freight rates, traffic congestion and an impending shortage of drivers. Despite the substantially improved transport market, all these factors result in efficiency which really does not m... Read more »

The new plug dolly

The new plug dolly With the introduction of the plug dolly, Tracon Ecocombi has ALL possible LHV variations in its product range. This allows us to give you honest and comprehensive advice on the option which is appropriate for your situation. After the regular dolly/trailer and the trailer/tilt c... Read more »

LHV ECOCOMBI finally released in the Netherlands!

The LHV or ecocombi is finally allowed on the Dutch roads. This was announced by Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and Environment) on Thursday morning. Extensive tests have shown that this type of truck is more fuel efficient and therefore cheaper and cleaner than regular trucks. With thi... Read more »

A FIRST: 70” High Cube Container Combitrain

A FIRST! The first Tracon Ecocombi 70 feet 'High cube' Combitrain, which can be admired at Hardenberg One of the most obvious applications for LHV is container transport. Container transport companies were therefore also the first to start making use of LHVs on a large scale. The trailer industry... Read more »

Pieter Smit deploys 2 TRACON MEGA Combitrains

The Pieter Smit Group from Nieuw-Vennep focuses on logistical services for theatre, pop & rock concerts, entertainment and motorsport, among others. For this purpose, they have a large fleet of mega-trucks and trailers. Because large events such as rock concerts often require huge quantities of... Read more »

Geranco from Gameren paints the town red

CO2 emissions appears to be good for flowers and vegetation, but still Geranco makes a conscious choice for its own wallet. Because of the enormous popularity of the LHV concept among flowers and plants transporters, it almost seems like LHV was invented for the flower and plant sector. The more ca... Read more »

New Ecocombi for Leo de Bruijn

Leo de Bruijn has been a loyal Tracon driver for years. Like many fellow transport companies, they have come to realize that Ecocombi is the preferred option to reduce the cost per kilometre. Leo de Bruijn uses low dollies for these two LHV combinations and refrigerator trailers with two steered ax... Read more »

The first Ecocombi for RTS / DPD

The current LHV legislation is ideal for the domestic transport of waste containers and swap bodies. Carry 50% more cargo on each ride? Isn’t that what everybody wants! Rebro in Sprundel is the first subcontractor at client D.P.D. to deploy this system. Rebro drives more than 1000km daily b... Read more »

DekaMarkt / Dirk van den Broek start with the first Ecocombi

Everyone will have noticed that the price war among supermarkets is back in full swing. To win a war, good weapons are needed. This Ecocombi is such an excellent weapon. Transportation costs are an important component of the cost price of a product on store shelves. The deployment of Ecocombis co... Read more »

New LHV combi’s for Moeijes International Transports

Moeijes’ large volume LHV concept is followed by an order for six new combinations. Half a year after Moeijes from Zwaag deployed the first 2 Tracon LHV combi’s, they evaluated this new concept. The experience gained was so positive that Tracon received a new order for the construction o... Read more »